We can cover everything from simple servicing, such as tire changes and oil changes, all the way up to Full-on race engine rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, frame alterations, spoked wheel lacing/truing, bearing replacements (axle, neck, swingarm, etc), carb cleans, and also fuel pack mapping!

New to our list of talents includes re-mapping of Power Commanders, Cobra Tuners, and ThunderMax tuners. We have all the necessary tools to remap your bike to make it run at it’s peak efficiency!

Price list is being updated daily, so keep checking back to see if what you need is listed.

Tire changes:

  • Off bike: Spoked wheels – $55 plus cost of tube and rim strip (We always replace the tube and rim strip). Cast wheels – Flat rate of $35, unless it’s a custom rim.
  • On Bike: Front – $75, Rear – $95, depending on bike. Touring models vary in price, Exhaust placement can incur a special service surcharge, if it’s in the way of removing the axle.

Carb restoration

Carb cleans:

  • Off bike: 1 carb – $75, 2 carb – $125, 4 carb – $175
  • On bike: 1 carb – $150, 2 carb – $250, 4 carb – $350-up
  • This includes full carb disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, complete reassembly, tuning and synchronizing. No guarantees are made regarding how the engine runs afterwards. It’s all relevant to the condition of the overall engine when it comes into the shop. Valve adjustments, ring condition, type of exhaust, condition of cams, type of intake, valve seat condition, all contribute to how the carbs react.

Oil/Filter changes:

  • Most imports – Around $90-$100, and include conventional oil, and performance oil filter
  • Harley-Davidson – Around $125, and include conventional oil, and performance oil filter
  • Synthetic oils are slightly higher, due to the increased cost of oil.

Full Service:

  • Most imports – Around $135
  • Harley-Davidson – Around $175-$200
  • Full service includes all oils/filters changed, tune-up, all basics checked, such as brake condition, tires, lights, cables, coolant (if applicable), and a list of most running gear checked.

Hydraulic press service:

  • Inquire for pricing

Wheel bearing replacement:

  • Most wheels are around $25 per axle, and does not include price of bearings.
  • Old wheels require more labor, and the price will reflect such.