Yessa’h, sometimes, we gotta toot our own horn!


Dave W.: 5 Star – “Was a great help in getting this year’s GSF 400 Bandit project on the road. very happy customer. Top notch service and great people doing it. I’ll be back…”

Paul K.: 5 Star – “Brand new customer at PanicSwitch. Does what they set out to do…deliver great service and stay true their passion.”

True H.: 5 Star – “I absolutely love these guys! No one in my experience has surpassed PanikSwitch’s quality of service! From fast professional service, to spare parts, to just a straight up honest opinion, my expectations are far exceeded every time! I have several vintage bikes to keep in top shape, and I only trust them to JD and his super crew! It’s so rare to be able to do business with people that have as much passion in what they do! Couldn’t ask for a better place to do business with! Thanks PanikSwitch!”

Jim J.: 5 Star – “I just posted this to my Facebook-was blown away by the expertise and customer service:

“I want to preface this by saying I was not paid to say any of this – I am a happy customer. I wasn’t going to spend anymore time without a ride this summer, so I decided to get my 1983 Suzuki GS 850 repaired and made road worthy. After calling a couple places I called Panikswitch Cycles. They were the only place that would pick up and deliver my bike. When they came and grabbed it it had brake calipers that were frozen and it kept skipping out of neutral into first other words it was a bitch to get it on the trailer. They never complained and never gave up…they just got it done and laughed about it. Today JD from Panikswitch calls me and it’s all done. He starts telling me all the things he had to do, and as he is talking he has this passion in his voice about what he did. This guy loves what he does- you can hear the excitement in his voice as if it’s an art form for him. He didn’t judge because I sold my Harley and ride a 33 year old bike….he just loves the whole scene. When things were broken and needed repair…he didn’t just give up and order new parts – he rebuilt them. The electronics were screwed up….he took the time to identify and fix the problem. He even powder coated the brakes for free because the dude who owned it before me had painted them with something that was interfering with the performance of the brakes. They knew what my budget was….and they came in just over half of my limit. I am incredibly impressed and they have my business for life. Want to be blown away? Go to Panikswitch Cycles.”

Bob L.: 5 Star – “I found PanikSwitch Cycles on Google (which is why I’m rating it here now, it should be the first return for the Bangor area). I did my homework, looking at the customer interactions on Facebook, and JD really came off as a genuine guy. I live in another state (in reality, another time zone), but I make a sojourn to Maine every 12-24 months. My Goldwing needed some minor (but important) maintenance, and I didn’t have time to do it myself before I left. So I emailed the shop, giving my life story, and JD responded appropriately and promptly. I’d like to think we hit it off. This is very important to me, I support local businesses as much as I can and love when the people there are honest.

I brought my bike in, and JD called me to inform me that my brake pad on the right front was completely gone (I had replaced them in May). He explained to me that “/2″ on the packaging means it is twice as thick, which a massive machine like mine means.

This place is awesome, I wish I was closer so I could have my bike serviced here frequently. Had to leave it overnight, but that was because the part had to be tracked down, which I understand. Can’t rate it high enough.”

Michael K.: 5 Star – “Excellent craftsmanship great prices! attention to detail!”

Aimee L.: 5 Star – “I bought a motorcycle that was in iffy condition at the beginning of winter, and then started panicking about it because I hadn’t found a mechanic. While driving through Hermon, I stopped in and they were busy working on bikes, but immediately stopped everything to ask if they could help me. Now here we are a couple weeks after that first meeting and my bike is in perfect running condition. Even saved me money by making their own seat latch instead of charing me for a $65 part for it. I am very happy and they have gained a customer for life!”

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