Dyno Tuning and Testing

What you should consider before getting a dyno tune.

Dyno tuning can be a great asset when it comes to making changes on your bike. Exhaust changes, intake/air cleaner changes, timing, air/fuel ratios, carb/injector settings…All of these can make a drastic impact on the performance of your bike. You want better performance, not just more sound. Contrary to popular belief, sound doesn’t always equal power. At our shop, we do a dyno baseline run before you make changes, then another set of runs after you make the changes. That way, you can see where that hard-earned $$ went.

Don’t get duped…

It’s not always about the dyno numbers, either. Different dyno shops can give different readings, on different days. No dyno/computer is the same, so readings can vary up to 10-15%. You might go to “A” shop, get readings of 100hp/110ft-lbs, and on the same day, go to “B” shop, and get 85hp/80ft-lbs. It’s all relevant to the operator, humidity, elevation, temperature, barometric pressure, tire pressure and the actual setup of the equipment. Don’t think that the numbers you get on one certain run are the “true” numbers. Take 3 runs on one day, average them, and use them to brag to your friends. The “Free Dyno Days” that a lot of shops offer in the springtime often give you a single pass, with a printed readout. There’s a lot of variations to take into consideration, so please don’t use these single-passes as a “Be all, End all”.

Here at PanikSwitch, we use a hybrid dyno setup, to get the best of all worlds. A DynoJet 200i “chassis dyno”, with custom micro-controllers, sensors and software designed specifically for our shop to handle a lot of the vintage bikes. Yes, we’ll run your 1955 Triumph Bonny, 1973 Harley FX, 1984 Honda SuperHawk or your 2011 Kawi Vulcan. We don’t just do “one bike”…We’ve put a lot of time and work into getting everything setup to handle a wide variety of bikes. Since we do such a wide range, setting up your bike might take a little longer than usual. It’s not plug-n-play like you see on TV…there’s much more to it. Sometimes, it can take up to two days to get a good run. We use dual AFR sensors to make sure you get the most out of your bike’s engine without the risk of overheating and doing permanent damage. Using dual AFR’s also makes the job a little faster, since we don’t have to do separate runs to gather the AFR info from each cylinder.

Call today to get your appointment booked, and let’s get your bike running it’s best. Or, if you’re simply making some changes and want to see what the result is…this is the place!

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